Based drinks demonstrate largest growth globally

The non-alcoholic beverage industry is projected to reach $1.6 trillion in sales globally by 2025 — that’s larger than the mattress industry ( $42b by 2023 ), the eyeglass industry ( $167b by 2023 ) and the cosmetics industry ( $863b by 2024 ) combined. China dairies in the downstream segment that have exposure to fast-growing product lines will be leading the industry’s growth. From a booming craft beer sector to a hidden wine industry, wales believes its beverage industry has the potential to grow and thrive over the coming years. The rapid growth of demand for fresh and healthy foods drives the market to take a hike.

In the beverage industry’s 2018 product development outlook, 62% of u.S. Consumers are seeking natural beverage options , a shift reflected in part by the soda category’s continued decline and the rapid growth of organic drinks. Let’s face it, with the economy steadily increasing consumer preferences are changing, escalating the consumption of craft beer, wine and premium spirits.

Brands, our portfolio includes some of the world’s most valuable レベルアッププロフェッショナルで選べる5つの味をレビュー♪, such as ades soy-based beverages, ayataka green tea, dasani waters, del valle juices and nectars, fanta, georgia coffee, gold peak teas and coffees, honest tea, innocent smoothies and juices, minute maid juices, powerade sports drinks, simply juices, smartwater, sprite, vitaminwater and zico coconut water.

In 3q15, which ended october 2, 2015, coca-cola reported 2% growth in sparkling beverage volumes while still beverage unit case volumes grew 6%. The growth in coca-cola’s global still beverage volume growth was driven by 4% growth in the ready-to-drink tea category, 5% growth in sports drinks, and 11% growth in packaged water.

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